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Three|The Freelance Schedule

For 8 years I worked 5 days a week & between 6-8hrs a day.. pretty normal right? Well as a freelance floral designers my work is just not the same.. & I LOVE it! 🙂 Slowly but surely my calendar fills up and it is so exciting! I just opened my business almost 1 month ago & so far I already have at least 2 weddings every month until the end of the year.. not including the weddings & events I am on while freelancing for Archive Rentals. This may not sound like much to most but I am BEYOND grateful to have these gigs already! When going into this endeavor I knew it would be a slow start but I honestly am not in this for the money.. I am in this for the adventure, as well as, meeting and creating with awesome people.. stay tuned for my next rant 😉

Paige A. Schmitt

The Mad Florist


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