Four|Slow & Steady

I finished out the year strong. After going out on my own, I had 5 of my own events in the last 5 months. Every single event was great. I felt proud, accomplished, and on top. As we close one year and jump into the next there is something in me that is scared. Scared of “failure”. I’ve read an amazing book as of late… Through the Eyes of a Lion by Levi Lusko. A part of this book has opened my eyes to something as simple as without “failure” there is no triumph. What may seem like “failure” in the moment really isn’t. Dreams and plans that last are not fulfilled over night or at least not many. This past month has been pretty silent for me as a business, the silence was nerve racking at first. But through much encouragement from my husband, loved ones, and mostly my faith I was able to break through the deafening silence and regain excitement for the next year. I may not have anything on the books as of yet, I know it will change with patience, hard work, and faith. Current mood STOKED!!

Paige A. Schmitt

The Mad Florist

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